GREAT Jokes to Play on your Friends!!!

Stunning. Now this is putting BFF to the test.

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Friendly pranks can bring joy and laughter to a friendship.

Then again, some of these can bring an end to the best of friends.
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#1 Place food color on someone's tooth brush!!!

#2 Tin foil a friends automobile!!!

#3 Cover a hallway with cups of water

#4 That's just plain funny

#5 Stock your frig with a terrifying head in a jar...

#6 Make "Brownies" for a friend!!!

#7 Swap vanilla pudding for the Mayo!

#8 Swap hand sanitizer with personal lubricant!!!

#9 Stuff doughnuts with mayonnaise !!!

#10 ...and the end result!

#11 Air horn! Such an awesome prank

#12 Tape a blow horn by a door handle! Blast them with a horn when they swing the door open!!!!

#13 Make your own "very" orange juice. Just add the cheese package with water...leave jug in the frig!

#14 Leave a fake surprise!

#15 or an even faker surprise!!!

#16 Swap out icing for toothpaste in cookies

#17 Mix Reese's Pieces, Skittles and M & M's in one bowl!!!

#18 Post it note thier car

#19 For mere amusement

#20 And for the furry friends

#21 Spill fluid under thier car, they will think its a leak!

#22 Cover onions with caramel!!!

#23 Splat white glue onto waxed paper let fully dry, remove and place your splat on thier keyboard

#24 Hope you thought it was a ticket

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