Sex Scandals That Rocked WWE

WWE superstars and divas entertain millions of fans each year. They’ve also been known to entertain each other in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at some of the times things became a little too close for comfort.


When Triple H started dating the daughter of WWE boss Vince McMahon, it created a scandal which would last for years. Firstly, Vince himself was not happy about the relationship, forcing the pair to initially breakup. As time went on the chairman realized the couple really loved each other, eventually giving them his blessing.


Kurt Angle and Dawn Marie didn’t appear on-screen together during their 2002 to 2005 Smackdown run but behind the scenes things got steamy. The pair allegedly had an affair in 2003 and 2004, which led to them both getting heat backstage. Dawn Marie is reported to have admitted to the affair in a 2008 shoot interview where the question about the Angle rumors got brought up.


in 2012 a Hulk Hogan sex tape did the rounds, causing a mixture of disgust and hilarity in the WWE locker room. The video was leaked out by DJ personality Bubba ‘the love sponge’ to the gawker website and it instantly became an internet sensation.


The real life Edge / Lita / Matt Hardy love triangle was one of the first instances WWE really got a feel for the power of the internet wrestling community. Hardy had been out injured when Lita made the questionable moral decision to begin an affair with Edge. The pair had been travelling the road together and getting closer as friends, it was one of those things, one thing led to another and a sexual relationship was underway.


Mickie James has always had somewhat of a reputation in the WWE and has been linked with everyone from Batista to Randy Orton in internet speculation. One confirmed relationship was Mickie James and John Cena. This one really set sparks flying because James had been engaged to Raw wrestler Ken Doane.


We start with a wrestling urban legend that is almost certainly unlikely, but endures as one of the most whispered rumors out there. Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon had a homo sexual relationship. This story stemmed from comments Road Warrior Hawk made way back in the day when not on the best of terms with the WWE. He stated that McMahon and Michaels had a sexual relationship.


Well, for many years, it has been whispered that in late 1993 a relationship developed between then 17 year old Stephanie McMahon and then 40 year old Randy Savage. Sometime after 1996 (Savage had already left WWE in 94) Vince McMahon found out and banned Savage from the WWE for life. To this day, despite Savage’s tragic death, the WWE remains shut to Randy Savage’s legacy as an all time great.


Batista is admittedly a sex addict. He has described it as his drug of choice when on the road during his initial WWE run. His WWE autobiography revealed that while his colleagues may have succumbed to alcohol or drugs, he was instead choosing to sleep around. This incited a locker room scandal when Batista ended up sleeping with WWE diva Melina who had only just broken up with Batista’s colleague John Morrison.


The sex charged atmosphere of the WWE in the late 90’s was a problem waiting to happen. A 1999 $100 million lawsuit from Rena Sable’ Mero exposed the scandals of the era to the world.


Pat Patterson has been openly gay in the wrestling industry for decades now. It has never been a source of controversy, Pat is well like backstage, his sexual orientation has never been an issue. However, when Patterson was linked with underage boys in the early 90’s, he ended up reluctantly resigning from the company. The issue had exploded because Terry Garvin, a fellow Canadian wrestler, had been accused of sexually harassing young men who set the wrestling rings up.


According to, the reason why WWE edited this match is due to the on-screen presence of Mel Phillips, a former WWE employee. For those unaware, Phillips was exposed as a pedophile who frequently took advantage of underage males he supervised during the ring setup at live events.


Vince McMahon hasn’t been immune to the urge to sleep around on the road. The Chairman of the board told Playboy magazine in a 2001 interview that he had enjoyed numerous’ affairs but had been faithful ‘for about six years’. It’s hardly ideal behavior from a leader of a global corporation. It’s even more shocking when you consider Linda was also his business partner, any divorce action could have seriously jeopardized the WWE’s success

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