We are a Group of Facebook page owners, one of many. As a Facebook page owner, I spend several hours a day finding and making custom content for the fan of my page. This isn’t a 9 to 5 job; this is a 24 hour 365 day a year job. There are no breaks for holidays, no sick days, no breaks for Santa or kid’s birthdays, no breaks for when I just don’t feel like it. My fans depend on me. Whether my page is about sarcasm or humor or autism or bipolar disorder, or a dedication to a loved one, a survivor of cancer or a rescue of a dog breed, I’m the face behind that page.
There is a problem with how pages are handled, how interactions between Facebook and its page owners communicate……it’s void. There is no communication. It’s all automated. Nothing personal to handle the pages that I NO we as page owners who put our personal lives into. It’s all done by a faulty algorithm based on a system with too few options that don’t address the issues at hand leaving our fate in the few who can’t act like adults…
On October 25th 2016 thousand of Facebook pages were unpublished without warning. Pages of all kinds, just like the ones I stated above all with the same notice, “Your page has been unpublished and cannot be republished). No warning, no reasoning, no recourse. Some pages had no pictures yet, no fans yet, no interactions at all. When appealed they, all got the same response as I did, negative feedback. How is this possible without any fans or interaction?
Facebook gives page owners no recourse when they do anything to us, they also rely too much on what I assume is auto bot checking on reports when someone doesn’t like our page or something posted on it. we cannot remove them from our pages. Anyone can attack a page by sitting there all day long hitting report, hide post, or the hide all feature. If someone were to use the hide all feature Facebook should automatically have them unlike the page and not allow further harassment to the page, but it doesn’t.
Page admins can receive bans for nudity on a written status with no pictures. This is an example of an autobot, not someone checking to make sure that the report is valid and because it is all auto and we cannot contact anyone on Facebook. This last mass unpublishing of pages have hit MILLIONS of loyal fans and HUNDREDS of pages and page owners. Real people, loyal fans come to our pages daily for laughter, let out their aggression and for therapy. People need an outlet and a virtual one usually works well it seems. A support system for people with similar life issues such as Autism (over a dozen autism pages taken down) A page to commemorate a loved one who’s died of cancer was also removed with thousands of fans. Bipolar disorder, pages for laughs, inspirational quotes pages, country pages, sarcasm pages, these are all pages’ people can connect with in everyday life!
Millions of people love a little of everything and everyone loves something. Every page is custom made by that page owner, and they bring something that no one else can offer. These pages are also an outlet for the page owners themselves, some with permanent disabilities, some with kids with autism, some fighting cancer, others fighting depression, and now they are without an outlet.
Pages that paid fb for promotions over the years have been unpublished, it seems they come up with any reason they want to do anything they want and keep us in the dark. While also keeping our money as well.
I would love to talk more to you about this anytime you have available, the sooner the better. You can help us get our voices heard.via FACEBOOK MASS DELETION OF FANPAGES — Steemit

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