‘Tekken 7’ Gets A Release Date And A New Trailer

Tekken 7 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam on June 2. There’s a new trailer out that goes into the game’s story a bit, and then shows off some of the fighting.

Check it out:

Pre-orders fo PS4, Xbox One and PC players will grant the vampiric Eliza from Tekken Revolution. Xbox One players will also get a free backward compatible copy of Tekken 6. PS4 players won’t be left out as they get exclusive legacy costumes from Tekken 2 and 4 for King, Xiaoyu and Jin as well as a Jukebox Mode for the various tracks in the game that are not tied to a pre-order. As for the Collector’s Edition, it will be available for PS4 and Xbox One players, and will include a 12″ statue featuring Kazuya dlivering a flying kick to Heihachi, a steel book, and the official soundtrack.   The season pass will cover three pieces of post launch DLC that will include new characters, game modes and costume packs. A bonus Metallic Costume pack will offer 35 different outfits for various characters. A Digital Deluxe edition on platforms will include the game and the season pass.  No prices have been revealed yet.

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