Tattoos Ideas For The Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. Aquarius are truthful, just, curious, affectionate Personality, Frank and Imaginative. But they are unpredictable, detachment, tendency to go off-track, and Inefficiency.

The following gallery is full of some creative ways to show off your astrological sign.

(January 19 – February 18)


If you’re gonna be with an Aquarius you have to be able to leave them alone they don’t do well with clingy people.


They can get bored pretty easily, they need something new, unique and out of the ordinary to keep them entertained.


When an Aquarian really loves someone, that person should consider them self as lucky because their love comes from deep within the heart


Aquarians decide if they like a person or not within the first few moments of knowing them. Rarely will it change if they didn’t like you before.


They often find it hard to communicate their extremely complex thoughts and feelings.


Aquarians seldom hate, but when they start to hate someone, they’d probably hate that person for life.


The tighter you try to hold on to Aquarius the more they will slip through your fingers.


Aquarius just don’t like to be involved in or affected by the drama that emotionally insecure people can bring to them.


Aquarius temper can burst out at any time, and they tend to be outright rude or maintain an intimidating silence.


Aquarians like to sleep cause it’s the only way out of the million and one thoughts crossing their mind constantly.


Aquarians and music can never be separated.


Aquarius over analyze situations but go with their gut feelings even if it leads them down a rocky slope.


They tries to see both the good and bad in everything.


Aquarius are known for their friendliness. They are stubborn yet…very friendly with a high sense of humor that attract people to their side.


They may disagree with you but they will respect your opinion if you respect theirs.


The main source of sorrow are their overactive minds that just won’t stop thinking.


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