Epic Legend of Zelda Tattoos

90’s kids will know the struggles of all the hours put into this game, and what better way to show appreciation for Zelda and Link than getting a tattoo?


The gaming franchise began in 1987 with the release of the 8bit NES game The Legend of Zelda.


The game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka and Toshihiko Nakago of Japan.


Zelda’s name came from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife of the same name.


The fastest completion of the game was in 31 minutes, 37 secs by Rodrigo Lopes on June 12th ’06.


The stalfos skeleton is the only enemy to appear in every game.


Zelda’s appearance and occupation has changed throughout the games; she has been a princess, a ninja, a pirate, and Link’s childhood friend.


Navi, Link’s companion in Ocarina of Time, has been voted the most annoying companion in gaming history.


The Triforce is a symbol of power, wisdom and courage. It was created by the three Golden Goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore.


The Ocarina is how you first get the faithful horse, Epona.


The Wind Waker begins on Link’s birthday, in which it is traditional to wear the green costume of a fabled hero.


The Legend of Zelda television show was a thirteen episode cartoon series from the 80’s, based on the first game.


The Ocarina is a musical instrument of power. It’s not surprising that many hard-core gamers have their own ocarinas’.


There have been many replicas of the Master Sword, such as the creation from the Fibreglass Blades company.


Link’s Crossbow Trainer was a minigame, with a chance to use the Wii Zapper game add-on.


Link has only spoken twice: “Come on!” as a co-op character in Wind Waker, and “Giddy-up!” whilst riding Epona in The Twilight Princess.



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