The Best King of the Hill Tattoos – I Tell You H’wat

King of the Hill was a favorite of many people around the world. Who better to watch on TV than a propane loving Texan with so many things to teach us? We can’t answer that either. The following gallery is tattoos that show appreciate by the fans who won’t ever let KOTH die. Also featured are facts you might not know about the long running show.


The theme song is titled “Yahoos and Triangles.”


Fox wanted Mike Judge to specifically make an animated companion show for “The Simpsons,” but since Judge’s overall deal with Fox Network meant that he would make money regardless of their opinion of the show, he came up with a pilot script that he would “actually want to watch.” By the second season, “King of the Hill” actually had more viewers than Bart and Marge.


Arlen, TX is actually based on the Texan town of Richardson, a suburb of Dallas.


instead of animating the pilot script, or even a scene from it, Judge and Daniels had Mr. Hill pitch his family to the network in a pencil test, and it was a success.

Dale Gribble

Greg Daniels, co-creator of “Parks and Recreation,” came up with Luanne and Cotton. He was hired to rewrite the King of the Hill pilot. After Judge gave him a tour of the Texas neighborhoods he thought would be best suited for Hank, Daniels added Hank’s dad, niece and Bobby’s best friend Joseph. He also made neighbor Dale a crazy conspiracist.


In order for the writers of the show to understand Hank, Daniels had them read “The Death of Common Sense,” written by Philip K. Howard. He argues that law and bureaucracy are making people live and communicate with each other in fear.


Daniel Stern, the grown-up voice of Kevin Arnold on “The Wonder Years,” was originally offered the part of Dale Gribble, but he wanted too much money.


A live-action spinoff about Monsignor Martinez was filmed in 2001 but never saw the light of day. It was about “a macho renegade priest who joins forces with a young stock broker and ex-nun to destroy the drug dealer that murdered his favorite alter boy.” The network decided they didn’t actually want a show where the priest shoots people.


An incomprehensible voicemail to Mike Judge from a man upset about “Beavis and Butthead” that he had to listen to multiple times to understand inspired the voice of Boomhauer.


In 1998, Fox launched a promo campaign that promised to see the Hill move to Hollywood, and even released a statement saying they were in discussion with the creators to change the setting of the show. It was all a joke, and they received hundreds of emails and calls from worried fans. It was actually all a way of promoting the schedule change, since the show was moving from Sunday to Tuesday night, which was only short-lived since it made the ratings crash and burn.


Hank’s dog Ladybird is named after first lady, Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson. There also happens to be a reservoir named Lady Bird Lake where Mike Judge currently lives in Austin, Texas.


Fox had canceled the show in the 10th season and “Lucky’s Wedding Suit” was created as the official series finale, ending with Lucky and Luanne’s wedding. After the staff packed up their offices, the network changed their mind and gave the show another 3 seasons.


Luanne Platter was named after an actual combo platter from Luby’s. This consists of an entree,a roll and a side.


HANK HILL HIMSELF PITCHED THE SHOW TO THE PRESIDENT OF FOX. Instead of taking nine months to animate the pilot script, or just animate a scene from it, Judge and Daniels had their protagonist pitch his family to the network in a pencil test. It worked.


Bobby’s school, Tom Landry Middle School, named after Dallas Cowboys football coach Tom Landry actually does exist and is located in Irving Texas, although it’s an elementary school.


Although Stephen Root appeared on the series from the show’s inception, he was unaccredited for the first few seasons. The reason being because he was still on News Radio and his contract with NBC prevented him from being credited on another network’s show. It wasn’t until News Radio got the axe that Root finally got the recognition he deserved for Sgt. William Fontaine “Bill” de la Tour D’Haute Rive.


Of course the biggest secret in Arlen is that Joseph Gribble is actually the son of Nancy’s lover John Redcorn. His name though was inspired after a character in a 1938 Marx Brother’s movie called Room Service. Brittany Murphy provided Joseph’s voice until the episode where he hit puberty and his voice changed. After that actor Breckin Meyer took over the role. To this day Bobby still hasn’t hit puberty.


Bobby’s athleticism is a long-running note of comedy in the series and during his attempts at little league he wears a #3 jersey. This a tribute to husky baseball player Babe Ruth. Bobby even gets labeled with the nickname “Great Bobino” by his coach in the episode “Bad News Bill.”


Besides parodying Texas staples like Luby’s Cafeteria, KOH also has fictionalized versions of Texas burger chain Whataburger called “Want-A-Burger” and a take on Hooters called “Bazooms.” While the Hills live on Rainey Street in fictional Arlen, the actual Rainey Street is located in Austin, Texas.


All of the central characters in the show have clearly defined jobs except for Boomhauer. I had always assumed he was either unemployed or worked as a gigolo. It wasn’t revealed until the series finale, “To Sirloin With Love” that he works as a Texas Ranger. “Dang ‘ol freeze man! Under arrest yo.”

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