The Most Emotional Deaths In Harry Potter

Warning: Major spoilers for all of the Harry Potter books and movies ahead. You’ve been warned.

Throughout the 100’s of chapters and many hours of the Harry Potter books and movies, the death toll was always going up. Where Harry went, death seemed to follow. With all the time we spent reading and watching, we invested a lot of tears and we want to put those tears to good use. Here are the most emotional deaths in the world of HP.

Grab the tissues and get ready to cry with us. 




Hedwig was the first gift Harry ever received. She was a loyal owl. No matter which scenario you choose, she still died an emotional way. In the movie, she died protecting him. In the book, she suffered the senseless end of being hit by a mis-aimed Killing Curse.



Dobby’s death made me cry like a baby. All he wanted to do was help Harry, even when all Harry wanted to do was yell. Throughout it all, Dobby was loyal to HIS friend.



Sirius.. At first, I was terrified by him. I totally was not expecting him to be who he was. His death affected me more because I was sad for Harry. He finally had someone that loved him. And well, falling through an archway to the afterlife is a really upsetting way to die.



Professor Dumbledore was Harry’s mentor. He was so wise. The main reason his death was so emotional, was because of his dying wishes. The how. He secretly told Professor Snape to kill him to keep Draco Malfoy’s hands clean of murder.

Lily Potter


Her death was a tear jerker from the start. She died protecting his crib. Her love his what save Harry from the same curse that killed his parents. She made us cry a few times, but when she came back before Harry went into the forest to tell him how brave he’s been.



Cedric’s death had me in tears the moment it happened. He death was caused by Lord Voldemort when the Triwizards cup turned into a port key and transported them both to a cemetery. This whole scene was so sad. Cedric asked Harry to take his body with him and when Harry was transported back to Hogwarts, I lost it over his reaction.



First of all, we never thought the twins would be separated by anything, especially not death.

Fred died at the Battle of Hogwarts, when he was fighting Death Eaters with Percy Weasley, shortly after making up with him. It was an explosion that came out of nowhere and made him drop dead. Percy then hunted his killer, Augustus Rookwood.



Part of me wants to say that this is the most emotional death in this whole list. With Snape, he always made it seem like he hated Harry. And it wasn’t until his death that Harry, and all of us, found out the whole truth. – Another emotional part of this was the passing of Alan Rickman. One word makes me cry with this…Always. (RIP)



Poor Colin. He was a kind soul. And one of Harry’s biggest fans.



Miss Myrtle might of been annoying but everyone had to love her. Her crush on Harry was so adorable. She was also a major help. Her story is sad because she was a teenager who was bullied and died by a snake, when all she wanted to do was cry in a bathroom.

A Tribute Video To Everyone Who Died

Thanks for reading The Most Emotional Deaths In Harry Potter, and watching the special tribute video. We hope you didn’t cry too much.



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