Common Lies That EVERYONE Tell

We all lie. Some people might be better at it than others but it’s something we all do. Whether it be a simple lie like “I’m Fine” or a little bit bigger like “No Honey, those jeans don’t make you look fat”, a lie is something we can’t avoid sometimes. Here is a list of some of the most common lies we always tell or hear. If you can think of anymore, go ahead and comment with your lie.


I’m fine. Which means most of the time they are NOT ok. It’s just easier to say they are fine rather than explain why they are sad or emotional.


“I’m 5 Mins Away” most of the time means, Nope they haven’t left yet. Either showering, still at the bar, charging phone, nonetheless, they are still at home or wherever they were.


I’m Busy That Day. Yeah, busy watching TV or doing a bunch of nothing at all.


“Yeah, I’m listening” – I really didn’t hear a thing you said.


There was really bad traffic- No there wasn’t.  We just didn’t feel like leaving at the time and we are gonna blame imaginary traffic instead of take responsibility for it.


Sorry my phone died- More like ignoring your calls.


Saying just kidding so you don’t look like a jerk for what you really mean.. We’ve all be there before.


No, it wasn’t good to see you. I am just polite when  I need to be.


When you fart, something came up missing, you ate the last cookie…The same thing will always be said…IT WASN’T ME. Of course it wasn’t, it was the ghost. 


I called back or I’ll call you right back – Most of the time this is said, we don’t feel like it or we forgot to call and we hope you’ll think your phone is broken. 


LOL is something people say on the internet when some is funny. 80% of the time, it’s not funny, we did not laugh. 


Saying you have read the terms and conditions knowing darn well you scrolled and hit accept! 


Saying sorry. Most people mean it, but what are you sorry for. Are you sorry for getting caught? Or sorry you hurt that person? 


No Officer, IDK why you pulled me over… We say this knowing EXACTLY why they did. Play dumb if you want. 


I only weigh  _ _ _ LBS. Yeah right. Add an extra 20 to that and I might believe you. 


Women lie about their age more than men do, but it is one of those lies that most females do tell. 




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