Scorpio Tattoos That Bring A Whole New Meaning To Zodiac Ink

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans the 210–240th degree of the zodiac, between 207.25 and 234.75 degree of celestial longitude.

They are strong willed and mysterious, and they know how to effortlessly grab the limelight, as they possess what it takes to achieve their goals.

October 23rd to November 22nd



Scorpio first love is unforgettable for them.


Scorpio don’t shy away from the unknown.


Scorpio does not know how to be fake, nor will they ever try to be.


Scorpio can be overly protective of those they love.


Scorpio are very conscious of the company they keep, preferring only to be with people who are trustworthy and like minded.


Scorpio are reliable and hardworking in everything they do.


If Scorpio have to lie, they will avoid telling you anything altogether.


Get ready for the ride of your life with a Scorpio. Scorpios are intense, sexy, committed, mysterious, consuming, and a ticking time bomb.


Scorpios tend to absorb every bit of information and keep it in their memory for future use.


Scorpio is probably the most jealous sign in the zodiac.


Scorpio like to take risks and undertake massive enterprises. They like the unexpected.


Gifts:  spot-on intuition, fierce loyalty, resourcefulness, creative genius 


Scorpio can be ferociously stubborn about doing their own thing.


Issues:  suspicion, guardedness, addiction, obsessing 

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