Cancer Tattoos That Rock The Zodiac

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer. It spans the 90° to 120° of the zodiac, between 90° and 120° of celestial longitude.

The Crab is known to be very unpredictable, indecisive, temperamental, and insecure. They profoundly fear rejection by their loved ones and are prone to get hurt easily. The otherwise tenacious, loyal, sympathetic and strong Crabs are vulnerable in many ways.

June 20 – July 22



Cancer are unforgiving when someone betray their trust.


As a Cancer when you get a bad feeling about someone 9 out 10 you’re always right.


Cancer hates when the spotlight is on them, this is when they feel extra awkward.


What makes a Cancer super, duper happy? family, friends, fun, food & good finances.


Cancer prefer dealing with problems on a logical front so getting loud and making a scene doesn’t work with them.


Cancer love their sleep but they hate when they can’t shut their brain down. They could be up all night just by thinking.


Memories are the most valuable possession for Cancer.


Cancers are amazing writers. Because of their hard shell, they are better at written word than spoken.


It’s the little things in life that mean the most to a Cancer. A Cancer is the most sentimental of all the zodiac signs.


Cancer have no interest in making shallow, meaningless connections with people.


As a Cancer you always know in the back of your mind… there is more to the story.


It takes a lot for them to just stop caring about someone, but when they do, they don’t look back.


Cancer like to be strong for everybody but only wants for that one person to be strong for them at the end of the day.


Cancer always goes back and forth between being as tough as nails and being as vulnerable as a child throughout their entire life.


A Cancer doesn’t care if it’s a little lie, you better tell them because if they find out, there’s no “baby I’m sorry’, it’s just goodbye.

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